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Steamwatch for OpenWRT

kahn posts: 125 3 stars user offline Australia
Hi All,

After getting capped multiple times this month I have finally gotten the motivation to hack together some iptables goodness for OpenWRT (only tested on Kamikaze 8.09.1). While the script at the moment is hard coded for the Internode network I would welcome feed back into making this a luci module and adding support for the gamearena network.

Some specifics before you install, I have only tested this script on my home network. As such I can't guarantee it will work on anything other than an Asus WL500-GPv2 running 8.09.1

To install simply log into your router and run the following;


cd /tmp
wget -o /tmp/
cat > /etc/firewall.user
rm /tmp/
/etc/init.d/firewall restart

You should be happily running your firewall once again with additional rules to kill off rouge steam connections and keep your cap happy biggrin If you have any comments or criticism please feel free to contact me either in the forums or at

kronk posts: 558 4 stars user offline Australia

/me looks forward to no longer suffering any more "Who the F#Q* used all our cap !!!!"

OMFG u Linux N00b get "steamwatch"

Thanks oh great network god's that now prevent me from connecting to "random" Steam servers.

Here's a thought though ? What if the "content" is not available on the "IPtabled" Steam servers and only on another one elsewhere ?

kahn posts: 125 3 stars user offline Australia
This is true, the Internode unmetered list at this stage includes Gamearena, 3FL and other contents servers however so it is unlikely that a game will not resolve. This list is much less restricted compared to the "Steamwatch" ip whitelist which is specifically for Internodes steam servers.

posts: 54 2 stars user offline Australia
Something I have found too..

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