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Site Migration/Update/Revamp, 2009/2010

Jinx posts: 842 5 stars user offline Australia

Just to let those know that might not have been involved in the recent meeting regarding what we're doing with

We're looking at moving to a new site layout and backend systems. There are a few reasons for this:
  • The current TikiWiki site has errors all through the Wiki, which will take a while to correct
  • We want to move hosting to a more economic and stable hosting solution (SliceHost).

During this process we plan on copying the current Wiki over to a new MediaWiki?. However, as we can also use this opportunity to refine the information in our Wiki, we intend to apply the following constraints:
  • All articles will get a standard template applied to them. This is something that was intended for the current site, but never eventuated (such is the nature of Wikis)
  • We also plan on reviewing the layout of the Wiki to make it easier to navigate and hopefully a little less confusing to find the information you're looking for.
  • Pages that are obviously dead or half-complete will not be moved unless they are tidied up into some useful state. We're not talking about censoring or dropping potentially helpful/useful information here. Mainly just trimming the pages that were thrown up with the intention of working on them later, and not touched since.

The above process will be transparent and will involve all Mesh Members who are interested in what articles are moved and what remains. So, once we get to this phase of things, we will start putting up forum posts for the articles that will/should be moved or not. This will allow for a bit of dialogue from everyone, so we're not just making executive decisions about what stays and goes - keeping in mind the ultimate goal is to tidy up the information in our Wiki so it is coherent. We're also going to be burning books on the last Thursday of every month. wink

The current site will be archived off into a read-only html static site that will be available online from

If you're interested in any further details, please visit SiteMigration or jump in IRC. Maybe even reply to this post.

Cya round

momo posts: 362 3 stars user offline Australia
Sounds good, I am currently using Drupal for my shoppping cart, it has some nice features for forums and other content modules; Interface is pretty easy and has some advantages to Joomla.

Big one will be the 404 redirects to make sure your page rank doesn't drop and links from other sites do not become useless.

Good method is to move away from /tiki-index.php?page=HowToConnectToMeshNetwork (even though this way isn't bad) and move to friendly blog links like:


Will help with SEO which there is some advatages Drupal has over Joomla, I'm happy to help with optimizing the site for organic search, keywords etc.

Also if you want to play with Drupal or other CMS I can setup a test server, ftp, mysql in about 5 minutes on the web if you have nothing setup atm, i'm sure you will have this sorted but just extending that if you need.

Nice to see things moving along peeps :)



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