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The Mesh Wireless Simplified HOWTO guides and Documentation

Table of contents

Connecting to a Network

How to connect to a Mesh Network

How to connect to NTFreenet?

OLSR Routing Protocol

What is OLSR

OLSR in Linux

OLSR in Windows

Configure OLSR to work multiple subnets

Configuring DotDrawScripts to use with OLSR plugin.

Wireless sniffing and Site surveying

Kismet and GPSd - Using Kismet with a GPS and how to use it with Google earth

Hardware mods

Linksys SD card mod

Adding a temperature sensor

Building a JTAG cable?

Adding a RS232 serial port to the Linksys WRT54G(L?)

Setting up a router

Freifunk Firmware

Configuring Freifunk to work across more than one Interface.

Setting up FreifunkFirmware

OpenWRT (White Russian)

Configure an Asus WL-HDD as a router and fileserver.

Configure an Asus WL-500GP as a TFTP netboot server.

Setting up OpenWRT VLANS

Modify VLANS

Time Services

Reading the Syslog on your OpenWrt?

Configuring a VPN connection on your OpenWrt? Linksys.

OpenWrt QoS HowTo

OpenWrt (Kamikaze)

Adding the Wireless Interface to the LAN Bridge? in OpenWRT Kamikaze.

pfSense 1.2

Configuring a basic pfSense box with Steam server rules

Package Management

Creating OpenWRT build environment

Compiling your own packages?

Creating OpenWRT ipkg mirror

OpenWrt Package Management?

Making your own package mirror

Hardware support

Getting Wireless cards to work in your PC

Wireless cards in Linux - Setting up and configuring wireless cards in Linux

Data Management

SAN and NAS Setups

Setting up a Openfiler HA NAS/SAN

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