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NTFreeNet CWOF Network

This page is in the process of being modified to reflect the details of the physical Darwin Wi-Fi? community network aka config details.

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About us is an OLSR based Adhoc wireless mesh network based in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

The first nodes of NTFreeNet (formerly Darwin Mesh) fired up on the 29th of May, 2005. As of March 2007, nodes exist in the Darwin suburbs of Nightcliff, Stuart Park, Karama, Leanyer, Moil, Alawa and Wagaman.

Darwin Mesh was renamed to NTFreeNet to put a more NT focus on the network, rather than just Darwin. We also wanted to create a Freenet presence alot like WaFreeNet, SAFreeNet and QLDFreeNet represent.

Darwin Mesh was the first network to support the CommunityWirelessOpenFramework (CWOF). NTFreeNet has followed in this tradition and continues to be a network supporting the CommunityWirelessOpenFramework.

NTFreeNet Forums

For more information please see: Networks

Current IP Allocations

Use ipcalc to translate the allocations below.

Standard subnets:
Network Type:
IP Range:
Jinx Leanyer Forums Only OLSR Mesh 8 jinx.darwin.ntfreenet Up
Kronk Karama Forums Only OLSR Mesh 8 kronk.darwin.ntfreenet aiiieee!
Gonzo Karama Forums Only OLSR Mesh 8 gonzo.darwin.ntfreenet Up
Rip Moil Forums Only OLSR Mesh 8 rip.darwin.ntfreenet Up
Neo Stuart Park Forums Only OLSR Mesh 8 neo.darwin.ntfreenet Down
Momo Leanyer Forums Only OLSR Mesh 8 momo.darwin.ntfreenet Up
Kaladen Nightcliff Forums Only OLSR Mesh 8 kaladen.darwin.ntfreenet Up
Elmato Alawa Forums, IRC OLSR Mesh 8 elmato.darwin.ntfreenet Up
DGA Mobile OLSR Mesh 8 dga.darwin.ntfreenet Mobile
Del-Rey Woolner Forums Only OLSR Mesh 8 delrey.darwin.ntfreenet In build
BrownEye Alawa Forums Only OLSR Mesh 8 browneye.darwin.ntfreenet Up
Neo Moil Forums Only OLSR Mesh 8 neo2.darwin.ntfreenet Up
Futa Leanyer OLSR Mesh 8 futa.darwin.ntfreenet Up
Chad Karama Forums Only OLSR Mesh 8 chad.darwin.ntfreenet ?
darwin.ntfreenet Test range Darwin Forums Only OLSR Mesh 8 dmtest1.darwin.ntfreenet Mobile
NOS Leanyer OLSR Mesh 8 nos.darwin.ntfreenet Up
Lothar Ludmilla OLSR Mesh 8 lothar.darwin.ntfreenet In build
TMK Wagaman Forums only OLSR Mesh 8 tmk.darwin.ntfreenet Up
Kahn Alawa Forums only OLSR Mesh 8 kahn.darwin.ntfreenet Up
Etherlon Karama Forums only OLSR Mesh 8 etherlon.darwin.ntfreenet Up
RobA Malak Forums only OLSR Mesh 8 roba.darwin.ntfreenet Up
Pat/KW Wagaman Forums only OLSR Mesh 8 kw.darwin.ntfreenet
Azor Anula Forums Only OLSR Mesh 8 azor.darwin.ntfreenet
Red Bundy Wulagi Forums Only OLSR Mesh 8 red.darwin.ntfreenet

Point-To-Point subnets:

Network Type:
IP Range:
Jinx <-> Kronk Directional Link Jinx or Kronk OLSR Mesh Down
Jinx Bridge Ethernet Jinx OLSR Mesh Up
Kronk Bridge Ethernet Kronk OLSR Mesh Down
Rip <-> Kronk VPN Rip or Kronk OLSR Mesh Down
SaFreeNet <-> Jinx VPN Jinx or sk2 Static Route Up
Jinx VPN VPN Jinx OLSR Mesh Up
Jinx <-> NoS Directional Link Jinx or Lothar OLSR Mesh Down
TMK DMZ Ethernet TMK OLSR Mesh Up
TMK <--> FUTA Directional Link TMK/FUTA OLSR Mesh Up
elmato <--> browneye Directional Link elmato/browneye OLSR Mesh Down
WaFreeNet <-> Kronk VPN Kronk or mpot Static Route Up

Live network routes (1 hour refresh) - not all nodes have active dot draw

The images are updated every hour to show dynamic routes within the darwin mesh network, currently the images are hosted off each nodes internet and linked here.

Moil :
not active
Nightcliff :
not active
Stuart Park :
not active
Alawa :
Karama :

Images generated are using the script located at the following wikipage. Browse scripts ==>

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