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This project is setup to keep a register of all IP addresses ranges of all Community Wireless networks using the CommunityWirelessOpenFramework. Basically this will allow routing from one network to another network (through Wireless or another medium such as ADSL) to happen a lot more easily as it will reduce the risk of running into IP Conflicts. With any luck it will also keep us consistent with the rest of Australia and some other parts of the world (sorry Madrid!).

As of the 19th of May 2005, The Mesh has registered on This gives us a range from -

It is more than likely we will not need that many addresses. If other regional parts of Australia such as Tasmania (who are on need addresses out of this range, they should be right to do so. It is expected we will reduce the scope later on.

All NT (and surrounding areas) can register your network range below. Please register in a continuous order, so we don't use any more addresses than we need to. Also, make sure you're not allocating more addresses than you need, as the remaining addresses can be used elsewhere.

IP Address Range: Network Description: Network Contact: Darwin Mesh Darwin Mesh (VPN links) Alice Mesh Gold Coast Mesh

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