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The Mesh Community Wireless Open Framework (CWOF)

Community Wireless Open Framework (CWOF)


The Community Wireless Open Framework is a project setup to support an open standard model for Community Wireless projects across the Northern Territory. However, we do not wish to limit the use of this framework to just one geographical area. We will attempt to keep the content as generic as possible to allow it's use beyond Northern Australia.

It is designed to provide a foundation of networking standards (both technical and administrative) that will allow the formation and growth of Community Wireless in the NT.

The Goal is to have one Open and Standard Framework. Allowing for free (as in speech), economical and equal access to Community Wireless Networks. Utilising the CWOF it is intended networks can be compatible and flexible enough to interconnect with each other. Thus reducing the need to deal with technical inconsistencies that would occur if the networks were built using individual standards. The "CWOF" should provide mechanisms to ensure the most effective methods are being implemented to streamline network setup, maintenance and expansion.


The purpose of the CWOF is to reduce administrative overhead and prevent the stifling of innovation and implementation due to overly obstructive bureaucratic layers. It is specifically designed to prevent personalities and "ego" entering into the equation whilst harnessing individuals passion and commitment to furthering the vision of Community Wireless. More so it should provide an environment which encourages and values contribution from all members of the Wireless Community. It provides a fair and level playing field for all who wish to participate or contribute to Community Wireless with clearly set out guidelines on the Technical and Administrative conduct for all CWOF Network Members.

All opinions must be heard and Technical or Administrative decisions made on a democratic basis with the guiding principle that decisions implemented are for the greater good of the entire wireless community.

All members are encouraged to contribute to both Community Wireless in their area and the growth and development of the Community Wireless Open Framework.

Ownership of CWOF networks is not limited to individuals or small polarised groups.

CWOF networks belong to all the people using it.

No one person has a greater vote than any other. This is based on the premise that the equipment that connects you to the network via Meshing is your's and no one else's !

The network draws it's strength, resilience and resourcefulness from the people contained within it. The intention of the CWOF is to promote an environment that facilitates dynamic, innovative and effective solutions to the unique Technical and Administrative challenges facing Community Wireless in Northern Australia and other areas. Promoting and assisting in the advocation of Community Wireless throughout these regions.

The CWOF should be seen as an over arching "guide" to providing fair and stable Community Wireless access to everyone utilising legal and Open Source resources to achieve this goal.

CWOF entitles you to "have your say" in regards to the Management, Deployment and usage of your Wireless Community Network. Whilst providing a Network Management mechanism.

CWOF Versions and Revisions

Please refer to CWOF version and revision page(s).

Published Frameworks

The Mesh "Community Wireless Open Framework" (CWOF) 1.0 1.1

Change Management

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